Sage Accounts

For Only £10 per month plus VAT

It’s for small business owners

Sage One Accounts is an accounting service for small business owners who want greater control of their finances, but don’t have an accounting background or time for software training.

Easy to get started

With Sage One you can get up and running in minutes. It’s all in plain English because we’ve designed it for small business owners, not accountants (but it’s ok, they get their own version too).

24/7 telephone support

As a small business owner you probably cover about 10 different jobs; HR Manager, marketer, sales-person, receptionist etc. We also know that you don’t work 9 to 5, so that’s why Sage One comes with 24/7 telephone support. That means if you call us any time, night or day, even Christmas day if you’re that busy, we’ll be ready to answer the phone.

Work with your accountant

You might already be using another software package or getting your accountant to do it all. Sage One can make working with your accountant easier too; Sage One is online so they can access your financial information immediately if you let them, no more dropping off bags of receipts at their office.

Organise your finances

If you want to give your financial information more structure to show a bank manager or potential investor, then Sage One can help you with that. If you follow the simple step-by-step processes to record your transactions then Sage One can help you output it in a format that will show them how your business is doing.

Stay on the right side of HMRC

If you’re biggest fear is getting a bill you can’t pay, or missing a supplier or even HMRC payment, then using Sage One Accounts can help you stay more organised and submit your VAT online.

Sage One is fresh

If you’re a business owner, contractor, freelancer or just starting up, Sage One can help you to manage your business finances. You’ve probably asked your friends, networking colleagues, bank manager or accountant to recommend an accounting package. It’s likely that they’ll have heard of Sage UK but maybe not Sage One. That’s because it’s fresh from the UK’s leader in accounting software.

Simple to use

Because small businesses come in so many varieties, Sage One isn’t a complicated system. It’s simple, easy to use and it could save you money.

Sage One Accounts main features:

Business performance snapshot

We asked business owners “what do you want to see when you first sign in to an accounting service?” The answer: “a snap-shot of our businesses performance”. In the Summary screen, quickly view your sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date. It’ll also tell you how many days are left before your VAT period ends, what’s in your bank, and your top 5 outstanding sales invoices.

Great looking invoices

You want your business to create the right impression, after all, you thought long and hard about the colours in your logo. Sage One makes it easy for you to create, personalise, send, and manage great looking invoices. Also, once Sage One has sent the invoice by email to you and your customer, it’ll help you record the payment and keep track of what’s outstanding and when you are due payment, so you get paid quicker. Stuff like sending credit notes is easy too.

Keep track of money going out

You probably hate facing up to everything you’ve got to pay for. We make it quick and easy to record all the money leaving your business; it’s our way of helping to numb the pain. And if it’s something like a direct debit or standing order, all you need to do is tell Sage One how often it comes out of your bank, and it’ll do the rest until you tell it to stop.

Checking the bank

Sage One is written in plain English, but one accounting term we kept in is ‘bank reconciliation’. Those words might send shivers down your spine, but let’s face it; if you get it right your accounts aren’t likely to be wrong. So we made it as simple as possible, it’s step by step and straight forward. Now just get your high street bank statement and get going.

Staying on the right side of HMRC

Paying your VAT on time and accurately is pretty important. Sage One calculates your VAT based on the information you enter, once it’s worked it out you can submit it online in a few clicks. Sage One can calculate VAT on all of the main schemes for small businesses, including Flat Rate. Sage One can also cope with changes to your VAT scheme, so if you start using it and you’re not registered you can tell Sage One when you become registered. Also, when the VAT rates change Sage One can cope with that and easily change rates from 17.5% to 20% automatically with no effort required from you.

Easy to run reports

As a business owner you’ll want to keep a tight rein on your business finances. In Sage One you can run a series of reports that will provide you, your accountant or anyone else (including the dreaded bank manager), with all the information you need.

You can run a trial balance report, that’s basically a report that covers the whole of your business. A balance sheet report will tell you the position of your business assets, and your profit and loss report will tell you how you’re doing over a period of time. If you’re working with an Accountant who isn’t using Sage One (we can’t think why they wouldn’t) you can get all of this information exported into Microsoft Excel®.

Contacts, contacts, contacts

Keep track of all your customers and suppliers details in one place. If you add them to Sage One it makes it even quicker to create invoices and record payments.